Electronic Medicine Pack – YOURmeds

Electronic Medicine Pack – YOURmeds

Right Medicine are pleased to be the only pharmacies in Scotland currently offering this cutting-edge technology.


This electronic pack is far more than just an alarm to remind a patient when to take their medicines, it also has a built in GSM card which will quickly alert the patients chosen care network on their mobile phones if a dose is missed or wrongly taken.


As well as making an audible alarm when medicines are due the weekly pack also shows a visible number of the pod to be taken.  This combined with it’s week long battery makes this a truly unique tool to support optimised medicines taking.


The pack can be used by an individual to keep track of their medicines or by a relatives, carers or a support network to help someone keep their independence at home for longer.


This product is currently used by West Lothian Council who have been able to monitor and improve their service user’s medication taking as well as reduce the number of carers visiting each day for medication prompting.


Key Benefits

  • See medication taking in real time
  • Receive instant alerts if wrong medication pod opened making sure the right dose is taken at the right time
  • App based technology means multiple people can be in the support network
  • Reduced number of medication prompting visits required
  • Portable solution can move around with the user


The pack is assembled and programmed with the user specific alerts by your Right Medicine Pharmacy team and then delivered out each week.


We are currently offering a 25% discount on the weekly charge for providing the pack and the electronic YOURmeds tag.


For a simple weekly fee of £7.50 (normally £10) you get everything required to get started.  There is no contract period and you can change back at any time.


If you would like more details about YOURmeds then please email info@rightmedicinepharmacy.com