NHS Medication Care & Review Scotland

NHS Medication Care & Review Scotland

The NHS Medication Care & Review service at your local pharmacy is a new service for people with a long-term condition.


What will the service do for me?

The service is in place to help you manage the medicines you take for your condition. Your pharmacist is an expert in medicines and will talk to you regularly to help you get the most benefit from them and you will be able to discuss any concerns you have about your medicines.

Please note, your doctor will still continue to provide your medical care.

There are three parts to the service:

Reviewing your use of medicines: if you register for the service, your pharmacist will look at how you use your medicines.

They will then discuss with you any problems you may have with your medicines and whether you should get a CMS care plan.

CMS care plan: this plan helps your pharmacist give you more regular care and advice about your medicines. They will give you a copy of your care plan and may also speak to your doctor about it.

Serial prescriptions: you may be able to get serial prescriptions from your doctor so you can get some medicines on a long-term, repeat prescription. This is different from having a normal repeat prescription

If you are interested in this service just ask in your local Right Medicine Pharmacy to check your eligibility.