Vitamin D Blog

Vitamin D Blog

With the wide range of vitamin supplements on the market and conflicting information about their use it’s easy to become overwhelmed and give up!

We’re here to highlight some important vitamins that you should consider supplementing and set the record straight for our customers, read on to find out more about vitamin D and its importance.

Why do we need vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an important vitamin which helps to maintain the balance of phosphate and calcium in the body.

Calcium and phosphate are essential for keeping bones, teeth, and muscle tissues healthy and in working order.

Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium from the foods we eat, but vitamin D is only found in a small number of foods making it difficult for your body to maintain adequate vitamin D levels through diet alone.

The body’s main source  of vitamin D comes sunlight exposure to skin, this can be adequate during summer months but in the UK It is recommended that nearly everyone considers supplementation of vitamin D during autumn and winter.

 Who is at risk of vitamin D deficiency?

All individuals in the UK are recommended to supplement their vitamin D levels during the darker months but there are other factors that can make you more at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

If you are frail or housebound and do not get exposure to sunlight often you can be more at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Similarly individuals resident in care homes can be more at risk due to reduced exposure to sunlight.

Those who wear clothes that cover most of the skin when outside are also at risk as well as individuals with darker skin.

 How much vitamin D do I need?

The amount of vitamin D each individual requires can vary depending on diet and genetic factors and higher daily amounts may be recommended by GP’s for those with severe deficiencies.

The Department of Health and Social Care recommends the following:

  • Infants & young children – 8.5mcg to 10mcg daily year round if breastfeeding or consuming less than 500ml of infant formula daily (this is fortified with vitamin D
  • Children aged 1 to 4 – 10mcg daily year round
  • Adults & children over 4 – 10mcg daily between September and March

Choosing the right Vitamin D

Here at Right Medicine pharmacy, we stock the BetterYou range of Vitamin D sprays. These sprays come in a variety of strengths (100mcg, 75mcg,25mcg & children’s 10mcg) in a convenient once daily dosage, allowing you to tailor your vitamin D supplements to your needs. Even better these products are produced from ocean waste plastic and certified palm oil derivative free so you can purchase with a clear conscience!