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Vitamin D Blog

With the wide range of vitamin supplements on the market and conflicting information about their use it’s easy to become overwhelmed and give up! We’re here to highlight some important vitamins that you should consider supplementing and set the record straight for our customers, read on to find out more about vitamin D and its

Nebuilser Range

Nebulisers Nebuliser therapy is a novel way of delivering medication to the lungs & airways and is used to assist in the treatment of a range of conditions such as COPD, bronchiestasis & cystic fibrosis but how does this device work? And how do you know when a nebuliser may be right for you? What

Humidifiers At Home

Humidifiers and your health Humidifiers have become popular as gadgets for sprucing up the house and keeping rooms smelling fresh, but using a humidifier may also carry some health benefits. This article explains what a humidifier is and some of the potential health benefits associated with using them. What is a humidifier? A humidifier is

Oximeter At Home

Pulse Oximeters There has been a lot of discussion in the media about pulse oximeters and the potential for them to save lives. This article looks at how a pulse oximeter works, why these devices can be useful and how to interpret the readings from your pulse oximeter. What is a pulse oximeter? A pulse

Home Blood Pressure Checks

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring During the pandemic, many people have turned to home monitoring to keep an eye on their blood pressure, this article looks at the benefits of home monitoring and gives tips on how to improve the reliability of your results and understand what the measurements mean Home blood pressure monitors come in